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Individual, business and farm auto policies available.

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We offer small or large businesses property, liability, auto, umbrella, or worker’s compensation insurance.

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Life Insurance


  • Auto & Toys

    • Insure your car, pickup, motorcycle, semi-truck, boat, RV, fish house, ATV, trailer or personal watercraft

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  • Homeowners

    • Options for residential, rural, seasonal, log, mobile, or manufactured homes

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  • Business

    • Cover your building, property, business vehicles, critical equipment, income stream and your business reputation

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  • Farm

    • Safeguard your entire farm operation – large or small. Equipment, vehicles, buildings, livestock, crops

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  • Life

    • Secure your family’s future through income protecting life insurance or retirement enhancing annuities

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  • Health

    • Care for your health now and into the future with individual or group health, accident, critical illness or long term care protection

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Our Philosophy on the Insurance Decision Process

Education: We educate our customers to make the best decisions for themselves, we give you options but don’t pressure or up-sell.Respect: We understand our customers work hard to earn their money. We never forget that and believe strongly that ultimately you get to decide how to spend YOUR money.Risk Management: We take our job of education very seriously, filling our customers in on all the risks and benefits of each plan. Once you understand those risks, you can decide how much of the risk you’re willing to take and how much you want to pass on to an insurance company.
Quality: We believe in quality. So we present only quality products sold by financially superior companies.  Insurance is about confidence—and we offer products you can trust.Value: This means something different to everyone.  It’s about balancing the price of coverage with the depth of coverage needed in consideration of your needs and budget.Expertise: Ultimately, we believe our team is the best in the region and will go above and beyond to create the best experience possible in the insurance discovery process. We are continually involved in industry education programs.


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Insurance agent with over 5 years of experience in insurance business.

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Customer Service Specialist

Customer service specialist with over 10 years of experience in insurance business.

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Customer Service Specialist

Customer service specialist with over 15 years of experience in insurance business.

Do I NEED to purchase coverage for my rental car?

In Minnesota the short answer is no. Coverage for your rental is found under your liability section of your auto policy. Liability is required by law on all vehicles driven on the road in Minnesota. Most states cover your rental vehicle under the physical damage portion, therefore, if you have liability only, you would need to purchase coverage. This becomes particularly great in cases of diminution in value, where the company, perceives a loss of use/value in the vehicle beyond the cost of repair. I usually advise my clients to make the choice that best suits them. Would you rather have your insurance dealing with a possible claim or the rental car company? Sometimes, it is just less hassle to pay for the insurance they offer and not worry contacting your own company come claim time.

Comp and Collision – what do they cover?

Both of these coverages comprise what is known as “full coverage” and cover damage that may occur to your vehicle. Collision coverage, covers your insured vehicle only for collisions with another vehicle or object, or upset of the vehicle by an insured driver. Other Than Collision coverage or Comprehensive (Comp) and sometimes known as “storage coverage” covers your vehicle for perils not caused by collision such as fire, wind, hail, theft, glass breakage and contact with a bird or animal. Both are usually written with a deductible.

How can I save money on my insurance?

There are several ways to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck from your insurance policy. But it is always important to remember that cheaper doesn’t always equal better. When shopping your policy, make sure your agent is doing an apples to apples comparison. When we write a policy, we give our best price, from day one. That includes adding on discounts for safe driving, no claims, no accidents and no tickets, good student discount, defensive driving, etc. It also means we ask lots of questions about your house to make sure we can add discounts for home security systems, age of utilities, no claims. We also package your policies with companies that offer multi-policy discounts. Finally, we shop your deductible amounts. Sometimes, a higher deductible, won’t always save you much money over time.

What is liability and why do I need coverage for it?

Liability is the legal obligation to pay for damages caused to others. Liability is third party insurance that has no deductible. Liability losses may include claims for bodily injury, property damage or personal injury. Often times claims arise of out an insured deliberately causing harm (assault, defamation), liability without fault (food poisoning, trampoline, dog bites), liability for the acts of another (parent responsible for child) or negligence. All of these can contribute to high medical bills, lost wages, cost of repair and such things as mental anguish and pain and suffering. Your liability coverage will protect you from paying these large claims out of pocket.

What is a deductible? What size should I carry?

Your deductible, is the first given number of dollars or percentages of expenses that YOU must pay in the event of a covered loss. For instance, if you have a car accident and the repair bill is $1000, and you have a $500 deductible, the insurance company will write you a check for $500 and you must come up with the other part to satisfy the bill at the repair shop. When I talk to my clients about deductible amounts, we discuss, “what they are comfortable self insuring for”. Most times a higher deductible means lower premium. We usually discuss the value of the car is, what their risk tolerance is and tailor the deductible to each client, policy and sometimes vehicle.

I am a renter, do I really need renter’s insurance?

In a word YES. There are certain circumstances where a child attending college can still be covered under their parent’s policy. For all others, you need a renters’ policy to cover your stuff and your butt, should you be liable. Not only can the cost of a tank of gas per month cover your personal items such as clothing and computers, it covers your liability, should you forget that candle burning and burn down the apartment building. Many leasing companies are requiring it, and our agency has several low cost options to available.

Why is my house insured for so much, I could never get that much if I sold it?

The definition of home replacement cost coverage states simply that “Replacement cost is the amount of money it would take to repair, replace or rebuild your home with materials similar to the kind and quality used in constructing your home”.
An important piece to replacement cost is something called the 80/20 rule. What this means is that your home must be insured to at least 80% of the determined replacement cost for your home in order for you to be fully covered. If you fail to insure your home for at least 80% of the replacement cost, your insurer will not cover the entire cost to rebuild the home and will even assess a penalty on partial loss claims. Home insurance companies determine anticipated home replacement costs based on many factors, including both post-damage and actual rebuilding costs. For example, before even starting to rebuild a home, the demolition and removal of debris, trees, and any other materials must occur. In largely affected areas, this debris might have to be transported great distances, which could significantly add to the removal cost. Also, in general, rebuilding sites are less accessible than vacant lots, and there may be costs associated with road access and off-site storage of materials and equipment.
Once building starts, materials need to be purchased, and all of the skilled labor necessary to build a home, including electricians, carpenters, plumbers, painters and roofers need to be hired. Permits, liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance for these laborers are also included in home insurance companies’ cost estimates. Many other likely and potential costs are also factored into home insurance companies’ home replacement cost estimates, but at this point you should be getting the picture: the bottom line is that market value does not necessarily represent the cost to rebuild a home, and may in fact be way off the actual mark.

What is the difference between Term Life insurance and Permanent Life Insurance? And why do I need it?

I don’t really need life insurance, do I? Yes you do. Whether we want to talk about it or not, everyone dies. This negative based question unfortunately reflects the bias that most Americans have toward life insurance. In fact, 40% of Americans don’t own ANY life insurance. And of those who do-over 50% of them know they don’t have enough.
People don’t want to talk about death and that’s a part of the life insurance discussion. But people do want what life insurance can provide-the ability for your family to stay in your home no matter what happens, the peace of mind of knowing that your debts will be paid off at your death, the comfort of having your funeral expenses and other final costs covered, and potentially money to make sure your children can complete their education or live out their dreams. We want all that stuff-but we just don’t need life insurance. Hard to figure isn’t it.
Term Life insurance is a certain dollar amount policy for a certain period of time. I liken it to renting something. It is usually lower in cost than permanent life insurance, but, if you don’t die during the “term”, you have no benefit. A Permanent policy is good until you die, should you continue to pay premiums. It often offers some cash value and the prospect of taking a loan against that amount. There are a multitude of different products and options available for this product and we would tailor one to fit your exact needs.

What are the benefits of using an Independent Agent from CDI?

There are several ways to buy insurance, and you may not realize the benefits an independent agent can provide. For example, independent agents represent, on average, eight different insurance carriers and research these firms to find you the best combination of price, coverage, and service. Overall, customer satisfaction is the key to an independent agent’s livelihood. So, serving you is your independent agent’s most important job!

An independent agent is a licensed professional with strong customer and community ties who:
+ Provides competitive solutions from a variety of carriers

+ Assists when you have a claim and is your local service representative

+ Is your consultant, advising you on insurance products that meet your unique needs

+ Offers one-stop shopping with options for your home, auto, business, farm, life and health insurance needs

+ Is a “value hunter” who is continuously monitoring the marketplace to provide the most cost-effective way to provide you the coverage you need.

+ Will periodically review your coverage to make sure it is keeping up with your changing lives and insurance needs.
– Expertise: without the advice of a trained experience professional you might find yourself with inadequate coverage when you need it the most-at claim time. Good agents pursue professional education provided within the insurance industry to stay out front in the business.
– Experience: seasoned professional agents have seen a lot and those experiences benefit you in the form of advice that you can depend on. Working on line or with a new agent might lead to your being “on your own” when the company or agent exits the business.
– Local service: having an agent you can call anytime or drop in to visit allows you the freedom to live your life and let your insurance professional manage your risk for you.
– Community support: local agencies donate countless hours and dollars in support of community projects and organizations. When they lose business-they also are forced to make tough choices in supporting the community.








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