Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Businesses are as unique as the communities they serve, the employees who work there, and the dedicated community leaders who own them. We can tailor your insurance coverage to meet those diverse needs so if disaster strikes, you can be back in business without incident.

  • PROPERTY: We can cover your buildings, inventory, property and other business assets that are at your business site, off premises or even in transit.
  • LIABILITY: From product liability, professional liability or just plain slip and fall liability, you need to know that in the event a claim is made against you, you have the coverage and professional services behind you to allow you to keep running your business.
  • BUSINESS INCOME AND EXTRA EXPENSE: A fire or other covered event doesn’t just cause damage to your property. It can interrupt your business and income flow for months. We can make sure you have the protection to stay afloat until “the storm passes”—literally and figuratively!
  • WORKERS COMPENSATION: With a variety of carriers we can customize coverage to your industry. While premium is important—the loss control services and legal support offered by these carriers can be invaluable to the safety and well-being of your business and its workers.
  • BONDS, ADDITIONAL INSUREDS, CERTIFICATES OF INSURANCE: It’s not just product. When you are bidding, borrowing, or contracting, you sometimes need coverage and documentation in a short-time frame. We deliver.

Toy Insurance

Motorcycles, ATVs, Snowmobiles, Fish Houses, Travel Trailers, Boats, RVs, and more! Make sure your leisure activities aren’t interrupted by an accident or incident.

  • Liability
    Protect your assets! Don’t let an accident or litigation put dampen the enjoyment you get from your toys!
  • Medical Coverages
    Avoid financial catastrophe with the right protection.
  • Other coverage options
    We can help you sort through the many options to select what’s right for you- towing coverage, diminishing deductibles, special equipment packages and a wide range of optional coverage packages are available.
  • Competitive products
    Each company prices their products differently and many companies offer discounts and technology options to save you money. We can navigate these offerings with you, too.

Insurance Offerings

We offer a wide range of insurance products to meet any need you have.